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Shmear Online - Membership Services
In order to play the Shmear, Pitch, Jick and other games offered on this site you need to create an account below.  We are now requiring eMail address confirmation when creating a new account.  The reason for this change is that over the past several years over 20 users have lost their accounts (and scores) due to forgotten usernames.  The Email account you specify will only be used for password and username retrieval.  The Email address you provide will never be used by us for another purpose.
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Once created and verified, this username will entitle you to play for free in the new Shmear 4 Online game.  Non-members may play for free 30 minutes each day.
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*This username will also enable you to access the membership web site where you can participate in online activities such as user forums, blogs, as well as hosting your own tournaments.  However, the member's web site is only available for paid members.

Note: User accounts created above can also be used to access older versions of Shmear.

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